How to succeed at multiple choice tests

Before we look at how to succeed at multiple choice tests, first we need to answer the question:

What is a multiple choice test?

It is a test that asks questions and gives you a choice of answers.

You have to pick the correct answer or answers.






Here is a list of tips to help you succeed at multiple choice tests:

Tip 1

Spend time going through the information you are required to know

Many people assume multiple choice tests will be easy and you don’t need to work so hard at studying for them since the answer will be given to you and you just have to choose it.

However, multiple choice tests often want you to know more specific details – names, numbers, colours, dates.

What colours are in the Zimbabwean flag?

a) Green, blue, red and black

b) Green, yellow, red and black

c) Green, white, red and black

These bits of information can be avoided (or even be close but not right) in an essay, report or portfolio, but are either correct or incorrect in a multiple choice test.

And if it is incorrect, you don’t get the point in a multiple choice test.

Therefore, it is very important that you read through and make notes on the information you are required to know.

You also need to revisit and revise the information repeatedly up to the time of the test.


Tip 2

Read the question thoroughly

Make sure you know what the question is asking before you give the answer, not what you think it’s asking you.

Who was the last Prime Minister of the UK?

  1. David Cameron
  2. Theresa May
  3. Tony Blair
  4. Gordon Brown

Not the current one, the one before Theresa May.



Tip 3

Check if the question is asking for a different response to just an answer

  • Which is not
  • All of the above
  • None of the above
  • All of the following except
  • Select 3
  • Choose 2

Tip 4

Read all the answer options before you decide which you will choose

Quite often answers will be similar to each other so be sure to read all the answers before you choose one.

Tip 5

Make sure that the answers you’re given match the question you think you’ve been asked.

Tip 6

If you don’t know the answer, rule out the answers that it can’t be

Lights don’t go straight from red to green so “Green alone” and “Green and amber” can be ruled out.

Tip 7

Double check all of your answers

Read the question and answers more than once.

Tip 8

If you don’t know an answer, never leave it. Guess!

No answer will definitely give you 0 points. But a guess might give you 1 point.

Tip 9

Take your time – there’s no rush

Make sure you read the questions and answers and give yourself time to think about which is correct.

Tip 10

But, don’t spend too long on each question

You don’t want to end up not finishing the test.

Good luck with your next multiple choice test!

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