How to take useful notes when studying











The main reasons you take notes when studying are:

  • To remind yourself of the information you have learnt
  • To help you to remember that information

When taking notes, it is important to remember K.I.S.S.


Notes should be short.

Remember to write down the key words used by the speaker. This will help when you revisit your notes.


Use short phrases, key words and short sentences.

Write your notes in your words.

It is useful to write down important quotes and turns of phrase the teacher has used.


Use bullet points and lists.

Sign Left and Right in Yellow

Listen out for sign posts from the speaker

  • Firstly, secondly…
  • Next…
  • After this…

The reason the speaker uses the words they do on PowerPoint slides is because those words are key and important to the topic. Note those words down.

Try to re-read your notes soon after taking them as it helps your recall and retention of the information.

When you are completing Hügel Learning tests, quizzes and assessments you can have your notes in front of you. We are not assessing your memory but rather your understanding of the information given.


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