Learning space

The importance of having a learning space

When you’re learning something new it’s so important to have a dedicated space to work!  Somewhere you can be comfortable and free from distractions (including social media).

Social media overloadPoor Arnie keeps being distracted by social media!

Get a desk!

Having a desk or dedicated table to work at can make a huge difference.  You can leave work out and return to it later, and be comfortable when you are working.  A desk should be big enough for your computer/laptop, and also have room for you to make notes/write as well.  Having a comfortable chair will also prevent backache and let you keep working for longer.


Keep your learning space tidy!

A messy desk is a useless desk.  If you can’t even reach your keyboard and mouse or make notes then it’s time to do something about it!  Having a bookshelf or other storage nearby can stop your desk becoming a dumping ground.

Messy Desk 2

If your desk is going to be a workspace for other things that you do (like running your business from home) then it’s important to have good systems in place to manage the flow of paper across your desk. An in-tray and out-tray might help, but don’t let things pile up, it’ll just stress you out!

Messy Desk.jpg

Try to keep your desk as clear as possible when you’re learning though.  If you’re prone to procrastination it’s amazing how much entertainment you can get from an elastic band!

Tidy desk

Take regular breaks and exercise

Finally, even with the best learning space in the world you still need to take regular breaks.  Keep hydrated (your brain needs it!) and if you reach the point where you can’t concentrate anymore go take a quick walk around the block.  The fresh air and change of scenery/activity will help you come back to your learning refreshed.

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